Gentlemen :-)  I am Tanya, This page is the feedback from our dear clients. No fake reviews here. I can promise you.If you  have met one of my friends please send email to me to write the feedback.I will not mention your name on here.Thank you for doing business with me and my friends.



Hello Tanya, thank you once again . in regards to Maya she is a very good lady very sincerer and honest lady l have a lot of respect for her . Maya is very intelligent and knowledgeable lady which l enjoy. Thank you and we may be able to do more business in the near future. Warm regards

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Thank you so much Tanya.Gale was the best escortI had ever met.Hope to see her again next year



Hi Maya. How are you? Thankyou for our time together , it was really good.Hope to see you again.Best of luck and I wish you all the best

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Hi Tanya, just wanted to give you feedback on my time spent with Nina, Nonny and Kimmy. I had great time with them and they took very good care of me. I really enjoyed spending time both naked and clothed (ha! ha!) with them. Nina is very sweet lady with good skills at taking care of a man. Nonny is a little hottie and I loved having sex with her. Kimmy is very funny and made me laugh. Very fun for sex as well. Anyway thank you very much for arranging this meeting for me. I wish your website had a place where I could provide feedback. Cheers!



Dear Pam. Thank you for come to see me.You are so beautiful.Miss you




i .My name is Rude.I am from Europe. I like to write something while I met the ladies from this website. I wrote to Miss Tanya and booked a lady named Rose because she is very beautiful and the photos looked good and real. My holiday in Thailand was 12 days so I booked Rose for 12 days 90000B with deposit 20000B.She picked me up at airport with her car.All was good and smooth. But the next day she changed a lot , not sweet but cold and quiet. She only talked to me when I asked her the questions and most of the time she played with her phone. I felt bad and 1 day later she acted the same.It's my holiday, I wrote to Miss Tanya what happenned , she even not know what was wrong with Rose but she decided to make the decision to change the lady to me. I wanted to meet Janie or Maya but Maya got the booking already , she was busy and Janie had period so she sent Marisa to me but before Marisa came to hotel , Tanya sent Jinny to my room to get all money from Rose. It was funny because Rose seemed to be shocked. I like the way tanya dealed with clients and her friends, she is very straight forward and honest and trustful. Marisa arrived my room at night because she lives very far from the center of Bangkok but it's acceptable. So this is feedback for Marisa. I like her a lot. She is fun , easy going and loves to make me happy. If you look for someone for your holiday I recommend this lady. She is educated , speak English very good, her English is better than mine. She is hot and passionate but in the same time you will be proud to have her with you going to the public cinema , restaurant. She wore nice dress and high heels when we went to Sirocco to have dinner .It's 5 star hotel and restaurant. But when we went to Chiangmai with new train line she wore simple clothes easy wear and easy walk. She is also fun behind the door , she prepared toys , sexy lingeries for our sexy time. She enjoyed sucking my penis and let me cum on her face , her boobies , inside her mouth. I have more to talk about this lovly sexy Marisa and really like to pack her into my suitcase back home Thank you Miss Tanya to send Marisa to me. And Thank you my sexy Marisa for great time you give to me.You make me feel young and refresh. I will come back and hope you will be still in business

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I had a wonderful week with Janie She was amazing!! I wish I had one more week to spend with her. Hopefully next time I visit she'll be available



Thank you Miss Tanya for arrange Miss Maya for me. I spent 24hrs with Miss Maya ,she is sweet and beautiful lady who has an good personality. I particularly enjoyed her smiles. She reads my mind and provide exactly what I required. She is eager to please and very skilled & passionate . I enjoyed the time with her very much.



Thank you for my booking last Saturday with Pam. Please put the comments below on your website. I had a great time with Pam. She is beautiful and well dressed and she is very enjoyable company. She is very friendly and talkative and makes an ideal dinner companion. In the bedroom she is passionate and knows how to make a man feel good. She was everything I wanted in a lady companion and I would not hesitate to book her if I come back to Bangkok. I recommend this lady. Thank you & Regards



Review for Khun Marisa: Hi I am Bert. Thank you Marisa for your time. I had good time. For those who love mature lady I recommend this lady for you, she is curvey with real huge boobs . I hope I can carry her back to Holland with me.See you again Krap



- Hello Tanya. This feedback is for Nicha. I'am so glad that she joined your group.I met her when she had her own ads last year.Nicha is a real cute , she was my doll, my angel. I was surprised when I did open the door for her, what a lovely smile !!! Her smile melt my heart!!!. We talked about a lot of things because she can speak English well. She was like my lovely GF when we were together. I really enjoyed taking care of her curvey and sexy body. BTW I am Pedro from Germany



Hello Nicha! How are you? This is the feedback for Nicha darling!! You are for me the best companion.Lovely Nicha can speak very good English, she is really nice and I can tell she is different from other escorts! She is Educated & Good manner & Very passionate with lovely curvy body. She has the most amazing pair of perfect and natural boobs on this planet.Hope to see you again in 2018 Nicha xxx



Dear Nicha, now you are on Tanya's site .WOWWW. Last year I wrote to Tanya and Janie but I didn't know if you are friends.Well! I thought Tanya wasn't so good nt so friendly on email but I can tell she is just stright forward and have tried hard to get bookings.I understand it very well now. Nicha I will email to you again if I have chance to go back to Thailand. Love " Hans from Sweden "



Janie is very friendly has a great curvy body & hugh natural boobs. Experiences with her was just amazing. She was a very charming & sweet lady with a nice smile and lovely personality.Hope to spend time again with her



My feedback; " Nicha was wonderful and just too good to be true. Made me feel relaxed, comfortable and secure. A suitable high quality companion and partner for a discerning and generous gentleman. Very discreet, clean, experienced and non intrusive. Excellent spoken English." J xx



Dear Tanya: This is feedback for Khun Nonny : She is cute sexy little lady. Perfect natural boobs! I enjoyed her company so much..Thank you



Feedback for Cutie Fern : I saw Cutie Fern twice.I had good time with her. first time with Jinny for 4 hours ,then on her own on the next day for 4 hours. Fern is so very sweet and beautiul with hugh natural boobs that I can die for. She made this old man ( I am 55 ) feel like a 25 year old once again. I loved my time with Fern

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Jum is very pretty and fun. Easy to get along with.With her hands and her mouth can make me cum many times




I had a nice 12 hours with Nina. She has good skills & fun to be with




Pam is beautiful , super fun and very classy lady with great skills. She is one of the most awesome on bed and if you want GFE just go for this one

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Gale was the best escort I have ever met.Excellent Service , true professional.



Feedback for Nicha : She was an excellent companion and tour guide and I felt that she really enjoyed showing off parts of Bangkok. As far as the details go, you can ask her, but I found her to be a very genuine, nice, caring person that made my first trip to Bangkok great. I feel like I now have a good friend in Thailand and look forward to staying in touch with her. The end result is that I had a great time and I thank you for putting us together and I thanked Nicha for spending 4 days with me and being such a good person. Thanks again, AD



Dear lovely Janie !! I missed you so much !! Very sorry to only just getting round to give you my feedback from our meeting in mid of December. You are for me simply the best!! Lovely, charming, speaks very good English and a very lovely feminine body. Janie did a very good job , well manner!!!!! She gave me an excellent feeling and I hope I will see her soon!! I have some experience with Thai Ladies and I am able to tell the difference between Janie and other escorts! She is really very nice and sweet Once again, thank you for the week we spent together! Warm regards and take care.



Well regarding Maya i can say onething that your university friend is well manner, gentle and a mature lady. I was literally struggling with cramps post marathon and wanted to sleep and told her to utilize her time with watching some movie and she went outside to nearby mall, later when she came back to the room i was still sleeping, looking to this without disturbing me she went downstairs at the lobby and kept on wating while sitting alone. This shows her maturity level. Indeed she had good praise about you during our discussions and told me that you guys are old friends.I will surely meet Maya again may be during my phuket marathon or singapore else nov bkk run. xxx Ian xxx


Tanya is the best customer service. She arranged 3 girls for me Jinny Jum and Pam and everything was perfect.We spent 5 days together me and 3 ladies.   Last year I booked 2 ladies from one independent website.Well what to say!! The ladies on that site are not independent I not know who I talked with because the ladies I met not speak English.And they looked like bar girls or street ladies with big tatoos and drink , smoke a lot.I wasn't happy with the ladies from that big site.   But Tanya's friends are real independent. After I sent email showing my hotel booking Tanya sent photos of the ladies to choose and gave me Jinny's email and whatsapp that I can contact Jinny directly. I am pleased   Please show respect the ladies on the site. Noone is bar girl. Jinny Jum Pam told me all of ladies on site are friends and related. Tanya started the site with 4 old friends from university and everyone bring friends and cousins and relatives. They are true independent and I am glad I have found them. They had no drama , not a cheater , very polite and nice ladies   Tanya!! I am thinking will go to Thailand again in winter with 2  friends for 7 or 10 days and might like to book more mature ladies Janie Nicha Maya and Marisa. 1 for me and 2 for 2 friends. I will email you again in July   Thank you for the helps   Greetings   Jen DK  




Escorts: Pam Jum Gale

  Hello Pam, I hope all is well thank you for last night although the time went to fast. Is Jum availeble tonight 

Kind regards,

Kim xx


Escort: Jum

Dear Pam,

  I had a night planned with Jum and Jum is a very nice sweet lady who takes perfect care of you outside and inside the bedroom. Jum gives attention to every aspect. I really would meet her again.    Thanks a llot. 


And for you Jum xx



Escort : Gale

I spent some time with Gale i have to say it was to short she takes care of all your needs without any hesitation without you even asking for it. She looks stunning and her englisch is decent. I will for sure see her again. 


Thanks for the perfect service of you and your team xx


Escort: Nicha

I spent 12 hours with Nicha , perfect English and great company




Escort : Marisa

Thank you Marisa. I  had a nice time with you. Take care of yourself




Hi Nicha

Thank you.I want to see you again and again many times over the years..You are a friend also we can talk to each other

K xx


Dear Tanya. I look forward to spend sometimes with twin. Thank you so much for your helps




Thank you for everything. Fonn is very nice lady .And I had very good time and relaxing time with her




This review is for Nicha.....

Thank you for keeping everyone safe and happy.I had a good time.I appreciate your efforts


++Escorts: Nicha Fern Ommi++



Escorts: Anya & Kimmy

Thank you so much.Everying was good.The ladies just left