Actually any gifts are not necessary. But to be honest as I am a lady I know that all ladies will be happy to get the gifts from their men ( clients )


Just in the case that you would love to spoil the lady ( ladies ) you would meet then I can recommend something that ladies would be sooo happy to get them


1. Perfume  ( Christian Dior , Lancome etc )


2. Lipstick


3. Make up palette


4. Watch ( Do not need to be hi end just street brand the ladies would be so happy )


5. Chocolate : Oh yeahh some ladies really love this.For example : Kimmy Nonny :-)  Please be careful some ladies do not like this :-)))


6.Jewelly : Who do not like jewelly? NONE I suppose :-)


7. Hand Bag or Shoulder bad or wallet


8. Sexy lineries : Gale really loves this but I am not sure about others :-)))


9. Flower. : I am so sure that all ladies would love to get flouer bouguet if during doing the booking you can surprise my friend with this